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a beauty of things unconventional.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Single moms and a gift of soul lodge

I could tell you all about my story of being a single mom from the time by son was four. (he is now 26)  About all the struggles, heartaches, and guilt.  About learning to think differently about what my family looked like.  And holidays and birthdays. About wondering if I was going to survive.  I could tell you about all that and I will someday.  Someday when we are sitting around the fire sharing our stories. I will tell you about having a grown son and a battered spirit and starting to find ways to rediscover my center.  I discovered An Artful Journey and Squam. And from Squam I found the gift of Pixie and Soul Lodge. With Soul Lodge I found the place to start calling my spirit back.

So all this to say to all of the single mothers, I would love to gift the experience of summer Soul Lodge to  one of you. It is such an amazing journey. Trust that inner voice that speaks to you and if you are so inclined leave a comment to have a chance of of joining us in Summer Soul Lodge. I will leave the comments open until the evening of the 13th.


June 13th...
Congratulation to Tinachicky!  It is my honor to gift you with the experience of
Summer Soul Lodge.  Please send me you contact info and I will be in touch.