wabi sabi

a beauty of things imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete.
a beauty of things unconventional.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Squam Classes

I started my journey at Squam with the amazing Flora Bowley. I love her work and the opportunity to take a class with her is what brought me to Squam. She paints in a very free and intuitive way. Layering paint on canvas in no particular way and refining as she goes, the painting reveals itself. This made my heart sing! It is my most favorite way to paint. What I did get from Flora was to trust my intuition and stay out of my head. She is an awesome artist and generous spirit. I was also privileged to have her as a cabin mate!

I may work on this a little more but it is close to done.

Painting in progress. I am not sure where this is going.

My second day was Journal Making with Judy Wise. I loved this class! I love all the possibilities! Judy is a wonderful gentle spirit that reminds you there is beauty and good in the world. Her journals are amazing. I love the idea of making a book and then filling with stories of my life. Some important and others not so much, but all part of my story.

My journal covered with color copies of my artwork.

Pages I am working on.

My final class was a half day sketchbook keeping class on Saturday morning with Sarah Ahearn. She shared some of her sketchbooks with us and how she used them. I often start sketchbooks and journals with great intention of keeping all my ideas and thoughts. It does not take long for the self doubt voice to start singing and they get put aside. I am not sure why I think they should have value to anyone but me. They really are just for me and to be shared as I choose.

We spent the rest of the morning on the docks in the sunshine working in our sketchbooks, each in our own way. It was a lovely morning and the perfect way to end three days of amazing classes.

I am still processing my Squam journey and trying with all my might to hang on to all I felt there. The feeling of possibility and inspiration and belonging. It is an amazing group that gather at this most magical lake. Wonderful creative women that come with open hearts and open arms to embrace this tribe that we have all come to be part of. What an amazing gift!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Thoughts on Squam

I am not sure I can yet put into words what this experience was. I know I walked away with a full heart and a renewed spirit. There was so much it was hard to take it all in and I know it will take a few days for me to process it all. There was the calm and quiet of the lake. So still that I could not help but become still along with it and take a deep breath, breathing in all of the goodness that surrounded me. I quietly set my intention for the next few days and we were off and running.

I picked Lorrie up at the airport Wednesday morning and we made our way to the lake. We had time to kill before registration so we took a tour around the lake. We were so busy chatting I am not sure we always knew where we were but it all worked out. We registered, found our cabin and settled in.

We got a good laugh out of our bedside reading material!

My bedside table...

Lorrie's bedside table...

We had the best cabin mates! Lots of conversation and laughter. Even a little booty shaking!

I could not have asked for a better group of women to share this experience with

I look forward to developing friendships and watching where we all go with our creative journey.

I will be back in a day or two to share the awesome classes I took and the art that came out of them.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Feeding my Spirit.

I am taking my purple shoes (who can't be happy with purple shoes!) and I am off to visit my sister and then off to Squam on wednesday! I have been looking forward to this all summer. A few days at a beautiful lake with wonderful women making art! One of my most favorite things to do! I will be back next week with stories and photos. Have a wonderful week!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Lindy By the Sea

My friend Lindy (another Lindy) opened an Etsy shop a few days ago and I grabbed this adorable zippered pouch right away! I love the little red bird and as Lindy puts it, the slightly "wonky" look.

Lindy is an amazingly talented lady. She knits the most gorgeous sweaters, needle felts, and sews. She started selling her sewn pieces this summer at the local farmer's market and many of us fell in love with her work

I love my orange bag! The perfect size for a sketchbook or journal, a few pens, and my wallet.

This beautiful tree of life hangs in my kitchen. I love all the little birds.

I am so inspired by Lindy and her courage to just jump in and open her shop. You can find all her beautiful creations here. Enjoy!

Congratulations Lindy, I am so excited for you!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

I Got Mail

I waited patiently for these to arrive! OK, not so much patience but they did arrive earlier this week and I LOVE LOVE them!

They were made my the extraordinary Nina. This amazing spirit that I know only a little but have such gratitude for. From her I was given the courage to stand in the light of my own spirit. When I saw these I felt they were made just for me. I wear them daily with much joy,reaching up to touch them from time to time as a gentle reminder to "Step Into All Light".

I am looking forward to Squam on the 15th. My spirit is in need of some care.

what are you looking forward to?