wabi sabi

a beauty of things imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete.
a beauty of things unconventional.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011



to take up especially readily or gladly
to avail oneself of
to take in or included as a part, item, or element of a more inclusive whole

So that is it. My word for 2011. I will show up fully and embrace every day and all that is offered within that day. My creative journey, my relationships, my dreams. All of the big moments and the not so big moments. I will embrace opportunities and gifts and growth. The perfect and the not so perfect. I will embrace it all and I will celebrate it.

what is your word?


  1. I love this one...I was thinking of "open" and started taking an online class that is actually encouraging me to be "closed" (not in a negative way...just part of the process) In fact, closed is part of the cover of the book I will be making for the class...funny really.

    see you soon!

  2. Sounds perfect. So much to embrace in the year ahead!

  3. i love your "embrace" photo & words...
    i embrace you here as i type!! oxo