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Friday, March 12, 2010

Here It Comes...

The moments of self doubt. Am I worthy? Am I talented enough? Am I as good as? Do I offer something of value? I have struggled with these issues for as long as I can remember. Not all the time. Sometimes I feel quite worthy and talented and as good as. Then mostly without warning the self doubt starts creeping up. Sometimes so slowly I hardly notice and other times it slams into my being leaving me in a pile of self judgment. That is where I have been the last couple of days. Sitting in the self doubt which really I think is fear. That is not where I want to be sitting so I am moving on. I will keep making art and making jewelry and being the creative spirit I know that I am at the core of my being. In the process I will strive to do it without self judgment.

How do you deal with the self doubt?

I will be back in a few days and share some of my art!



  1. I deal with self doubt all the time but it is getting easier as I get older and realize I have fewer days left to waste on it and that scares me into action, right or wrong.

  2. Hi Lindy~

    I so enjoyed our conversation after dinner at AAJ and taking Nina's class with you!

    Thank you for commenting on my blog. It was nice to hear from you. And I'm enjoying your blog!

    That self doubt?? It's part of being an artist. Drives me crazy! The retreat helped out so much with that by being around such beautiful souls, I felt more connected to art than I did prior to going. Never give up, never surrender is my motto!!


  3. hi miss lindy...
    this is a GREAT question.
    such a great question that i am going to sit on it for a day or two and REALLY think about what it is that i DO when self doubt creeps up on me, because heavens knows that it DOES.
    thanks for asking this question...
    i'm off to contemplate.
    i.ll get back to you soon.

  4. I try to do and create art that I love and let the rest take care of itself.
    Not to say that I don't have moments of angst :)