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a beauty of things unconventional.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Some Summer Classes

I have signed up for Kelly Rae's e-course. I am so excited to take this. Her journey of the last few short years is so inspiring.

In July I am taking this class with my sister. It has been a very long time since I took a drawing class! I am ready for a refresher! Gerald Cloud is a local Maine artist I discovered last summer. I love his work.

Later in the summer I am taking this class from the wonderful Stephanie Lee. I am beyond excited about this. She is teaching at An Artful Journey in july and I was hoping to fly back to California to take her class but that is not going to work out. I am thrilled she is doing an online course!

I am planning for a very creative and art filled summer! How about you? Are you taking any classes?


  1. I'm taking Kelly Rae's and Mondo Beyondo!! Can't wait. So glad we'll be in another "class" together :)

    I'm having a give-a-way so hop on over and leave a comment!

  2. Wish you were going to be at An artful journey. I'm going back and taking DJ Pettits Class. I fell in love with the books she did. It sounds as if you will be busy.

  3. Hey Lindy. Thanks for your sweet birthday message. I am also signed up for Kelly Rae's class so look forward to joining you there!

  4. i'm taking kelly rae's class too! super excited to meet you and so lovely to hear how inspired you are to be taking all of these wonderful classes! so nice to meet you!

    xoxo, juliette

  5. Kelly Rae's class indeed will be full of wonderful women as I can see... SO excited for you that you will be stretching your creative wings and taking so many classes.

    I will be in Kelly Rae's class as well...See you all there! xox

    I'm also heading to PEI for the first time (in July)... :)