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a beauty of things unconventional.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Just Start

Sometimes it is just that simple
The act of getting out the paints
Or the beads
Or the camera
And just starting
Start something
Don't think about it too much
Just start

in progress

It has been many weeks without one piece of jewelry. Not one painting. Nothing. I woke up very early a few mornings ago hearing very clearly Just Start! StartSomething! I listened to that not so quiet whisper and the paint brushes came out. And I started. For me, sometimes that is all it takes to find my center again.

Just Start

what are you starting?


  1. that is so very true...just get going with something and the passion comes back...looks like you are on your way...
    i started on a collage this morning before coming to work. i hate having to stop in the middle of the creative process, but i was inspired, so i just got started...

  2. I totally agree with this...seems to be the way I do everything...in spurts...

    So glad to see you playing with your supplies again and creating little beauties. I LOVE the soft blues and greens you have chosen...so calming and beautiful! Can't wait to see the finished product.

    I have also gotten back into my painting groove this week. SO nice to know I'm in good company! xox

  3. lindy!!!!!!!!!
    just start! yes! i loooove your listening
    & following your dear deepest voice &
    lookie look at the wonders it leads you to!
    i am heart & soul intrigued
    by what's begun here
    & it already appears to be
    a pond of succulant magic!x

  4. Yes, I just have to "start" I've been in a slump lately but have 4 days off and need to get going on something. I will get the paints out today and just "start" thank you for the inspiration.

  5. I took your advice on just starting. Today I started a stitched journal. I am glad I got going on it. Thanks for the inspiration!