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a beauty of things imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete.
a beauty of things unconventional.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Self Portrait Friday

It is a perfect day on the island. Sunny and beautiful. I am wandering around doing a little of this and a little of that. Nothing is capturing my attention for long. I decided to let the be ok. I feel the need to wander and just be for a bit.
To observe and feel the sun. To listen to my own whispers.

The lupine are in full glory right now. So beautiful!

Gardens are in full bloom and beautiful. I am so inspired by the flowers and the colors. Nature always provides the perfect color palette.

My only goal for this beautiful weekend is to let all of the "shoulds" just sit and be for a couple of days and spend some time creating. Always a challenge for me!

what are you doing with your beautiful weekend?


  1. Wow! Those flowers are spectacular! I especially love the lupine. It is so interesting how so many of us (the AAJ group especially) are seeming to be looking for such similar things in life. Right now it seems our topic is rest and just being. You really have said it well with allowing your "shoulds" to just sit for a while. I am so close to this, one more week of teaching before summer begins and I will really begin this attempt at putting aside my own shoulds.


    ps, have you decided about Squam? Or how about AAJ next Feb??

  2. those lupine are gorgeous!!!! i am so envious. it is too darn hot here in az. to grow anything that isn.t brown....
    i watched my 13 yr. old play baseball and then hubby is taking the 3 boys on a "guys golf trip" so i get to have my 2 girls all to myself...hopefully getting messy in art....

  3. lindy, whispers have been on my heart & soul lately & i love connecting with you here on that whisper wavelength. yours are so pretty.
    my weekend.. last night spent with my husband & dear friends/today getting to meet a sister blogger!/father's day w/fam/& later sun/mon on my own w/husband & sons away & i will play!

  4. Those lupines are amazing, I can't seem to grow them in my yard and I love them so. A week-end of leaving the "shoulds" behind sounds like a wonderful idea. Hope you enjoy.

  5. ah, it's good to just let the "shoulds" sit for a bit...glad to have found your blog...i traveled over from cul*ti*vate...
    your photos are gorgeous!

  6. Hi Lindy, I can really resonate with your thoughts here. My "word of the year" is justbe (OK, 2 words, but I scrunched it into 1!) It's a constant struggle, but the awareness has really helped. Gorgeous flowers - I especailly adore the lupine. Thanks for visiting my blog!

  7. So happy that you will be joining me in Flora's class! Ah we are in for a treat! These photos are stunning - I think the lupine are my favourite among them