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a beauty of things imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete.
a beauty of things unconventional.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

This and That...

I had today marked on my calender and a note above my computer. Registration for An Artful Journey in February opened today! I am so excited to be going back. Cindy put together an amazing lineup of teachers and I would have loved to take any of them. After a long struggle trying to decide I did listen to my gut feeling and signed up to take Stephanie Lee's plaster class. I am looking forward to trying something new and seeing some returning friends.

If you have not stopped by Danielle's blog today you should stop by. Her studio tour is awesome! She did a beautiful job. I am so inspired I am thinking of redoing mine!

Images I have been enjoying

The biggest lilies I have ever seen!

A little gift at the edge of my sidewalk

Part of the coastline of our little island

I have been busy in my frame shop, an online class that started yesterday, and odds and ends of projects that never seem to end and more that I can never seem to find the time to start. You know...this and that. Summer is flying by!

Did you sign up for An Artful Journey?


  1. Yes for me to AAJ, and also with Stephanie Lee.

    You pictures of your island home are so beautiful. You just need some good coffee there and it looks pretty close to perfect. ;)


  2. Yes I signed up for AAJ. Will be taking Ninas class again. Can't wait, it will be good to see you.