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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Teahouse Studio and Blooming True

There is nothing like a group of women who have all gathered with open hearts and creative spirits. We gathered at the beautiful Teahouse Studio in Berkeley to paint, be inspired, and Bloom True with the amazing Flora Bowley.

This was my second class with Flora and I feel like I have just scratched the surface. What I get from her and her process of painting is about so much more than painting. It encourages me to stretch past my comfort level and how I look at life. Flora's philosophies about painting ring true for me about how I want to approach my life. There are no mistakes. Trust yourself. Recognize "happy accidents". Be authentic. And so much more to carry with me.

These are the two paintings I worked on over the two days. There will be many more layers added before I feel like they are done.

The Teahouse Art Studio is a great space full of light and energy. Mati, Tiffany, and Stef have created a wonderful welcoming space to gather, be inspired, and create. They have some wonderful classes lined up and more coming. If you haven't checked out their website I encourage you to visit often and go take a class. You will meet the most amazing women and have tons of fun! Give yourself a gift.


  1. So sweet of you Lindy and so great meeting you and the rest of the group. We heart Flora :) take care and hope to see you again soon!!!

  2. I was excited to see this post, it looks like a wonderful class. I love your paintings, great colors in there...but will they stay?? ;) All those layers and layers, as you said, so true of how life is.

  3. It was so nice to meet you. I was lucky to sit behind you and witness the stages of your paintings. Wasn't it such an amazing weekend? I just wrote about it too. Hope to see you again.

  4. Great pictures. What a fabulous weekend. I'm missing it all already. I hope to be able to do it all again one day. Seriously wishing I lived closer to Teahouse!

  5. soooooooooooooo jealous!
    and happy for you at the same time!

  6. Lindy, your paintings are stunning! So happy to hear of your good time =-)

    Hoping to take Flora's class at AAJ next year. You?


  7. it looks like you had an amazing time - i've come across flora a few times on the net and she seems amazing - wish she would come to my neck of the woods. you seem to be part of a wonderful community - what a treasure

  8. lovely post lindy. glad you got a pic of the "welcome bloomers" sign. so cute! it was nice painting next to you...seeing your peices progress and evolve. i just loved the cool grids you created! :-) peace and blessings...and keep creating! - Nicole

  9. Love what you did, glad you had a good time. It is wonderful to spend time with creative people, it leaves one feeling so full. continue with the good work.

  10. Hi, Lindy! I hope you'll share your paintings more as you continue to work on them! It's fun to see you online, though we hardly see each other during the workshop after our dinner together!

    Hope you're doing well!