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Saturday, December 31, 2011

On Feeling Lost and not Knowing

I seem to have lost my way a bit the past few months so things have been quiet on my little blog. It has been a time of more questions than answers. Doing battle with the choir of self doubt that likes to sing in my head from time to time. (more often than I would like) A time of mostly being unsure of myself, my choices, and my direction. But like all times of darkness and doubt, clarity does come around. This time with the help of some healing work. I am not quite there but I am seeing lots of light. More and more clarity and less self doubt. In the words of Caroline Myss "it is time to call back your spirit". That is my work right now.

We are leaving our little house in Maine and heading back to California in a couple of days. We usually leave right after Thanksgiving but this year decided to stay for Christmas and New Year's. It has been a lovely time. We sold our California house earlier this summer and put our belongings in storage so will be renting an apartment for a few months. We are going to move only what we really need and live very simply for our stay there. I am really looking forward to that. The rest is unknown. We may or may not buy another house. Maybe in California, maybe not. We may or may not take a road trip. We are unsure where we might end up in the winter. It may be different every year. Lots of unknown but it feels like a good opportunity to practice just being where I am and doing what I am doing at the moment without thinking too far ahead. I'm thinking that it's not a bad place to be.

I am looking to the New Year with great hope and anticipation. Lots of adventures, creative time, and general joy making! I wish the same for you.



  1. Happy journey with your simplified vision. I look forward to hearing your voice even in brief whispers. I hope California finds you peace and joy in this New Year. xox Corrine

  2. I have lived in Maine near all of my life but my husband is from Los Angeles. Moving to an entirely different are can be a bit jarring and takes time to adjust. For me, living in a different region of Maine, took well over 4 years to acclimate - or accept maybe more accurate.Best of luck on your journey - glad to hear there is some clarity evolving.


  3. Lovely to find a post on your blog, Lindy! I wish you insight and discovery in 2011 -- and I hope you feel like sharing the process here now and then.