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Monday, April 19, 2010

5 Days 7 States (i think!)

Lilacs ready to bloom!

Sunday night we stayed in Le Clair Iowa. A very cute little place on the Mississippi River just on the border of Iowa and Illinois. I love the view of the river.I am fascinated by all the farms along the way straight out of a Norman Rockwell painting. I love the red barns, the farmhouses with the front porch. The farmers on the tractors plowing the precise straight rows ready to plant. Who lives there and works so hard? Has it been in the family for generations? Do children live there? Are they happy doing this work that so benefits the rest of us?

Tonight we are in Sandusky Ohio. Tomorrow we are headed for Cooperstown New York to visit the Baseball Hall of Fame on wednesday. We are hoping to arrive on our little island some time Thursday. The closer we get the more anxious we are. My son is starting a new adventure and I am going to a place where I breathe and feel inspired. A place where we gather with family. Some are family by birth and others are family by choice, but all are family.

I have been working on My Awesome Summer List. A list of really fun things I want to do this summer. Some are goals, others just plain fun. I will share more later!

What is on you Awesome Summer List?

1 comment:

  1. lindy lou....
    this is amazing to look at the progression of your photos...
    you are experiencing a plethora (old highschool vocabulary word i like to throw out every now and then to sound smart) of beauties.
    thank you so much for documenting this adventure with your {darling i must say} son and sharing it with us.
    loves and safety.