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Friday, April 2, 2010

Self Portrait Friday

I am trying to spend time in my studio every day but it is a struggle. There seems to always be something else that needs or takes my attention. Studio time seems to always be on the bottom of the list instead of the top. So my struggle is this...is this a situation I create? Do I let other things take my attention so I don't have to deal with the fear? And what exactly is that fear? Why do I hang on to the struggle? What would happen if I really put my art out into the world? How about you? Do you struggle with being an artist?

Blessings and Happy Easter


  1. Good questions Lindy...for me I think I my attention is spent putting out fires! If I could just find someone else to be the firefighter, that would be wonderful. I know I like to be the problem solver, so easier said than done. I have to create the space/time to create and it doesn't happen as often as I'd like! Hoppy Easter to you too!

  2. dearest lindy...that is a GREAT question. one that i think has been asked by anyone who considers being an artist. honestly, i truly believe that. i am struggling with the very SAME issue of "creative time"...my solution for now (and i.ll let you know if it works) is to SCHEDULE studio time. make it a priority on your list, just like the laundry or yoga or cooking. then just create away and don.t worry about the outcome.
    kelly rae once told me..."THERE ARE NO MISTAKES!" and i believe that..just get going and it will come!
    you are a doll.
    i am loving the colors of whatever it is you are working on above!! those are my FAVORITE colors...can.t wait to see the end result.
    loves to you.
    hippity hoppity easter weekend.

  3. First I am glad to see you continue with self portrait Friday I think it is a good exercise. Second I deal with the artist question by not considering my self one. I know I love art but don't have the courage to call my self an "artist".

  4. One minute what I have created is wonderful and I am so pleased!
    The next day, I say, "what was I thinking"!!!!!!
    Just keep creating!!!

  5. lindy, it is so lovely to find/meet you! i am drooly about the colors & shapes you are painting here & so curious about what's emerging! ooooh, it is a struggle for me to have enough time to create...& ironically it is my greatest drive. next weekend, i have actually carved out the WHOLE thing for my art!! & my family will go out of town! now that's a huge luxury! but typically i find myself squeezing in hours here & there.
    oh, i hopehopehope to see this piece you've begun form into full fruition! blessings & happy easter to you too..

  6. Everyday! I dream, think, breathe my art, but sometimes it's tough because that little ol' thing called Life demands my constant attention!! I have a short attention span, but if I can get in the zone when creating it's priceless and all the fear and doubt goes away. Keep creating and embrace all aspects of it. That's what I do!