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Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Hustle for Worthiness

I took some time this afternoon to watch the DVD The Hustle for Worthiness by Brene Brown. I highly recommend it. I had many "aha" moments. The difference between shame and guilt. Between fitting in and belonging. About declarations of love versus practicing love and what is the meaning of love. The importance of our stories and owning them, not pulling away from them. She does all this with touching stories and humor. She has included men in her research and her story about that is so touching and profound. It certainly shifted my thinking.

Get your copy here then gather those you care about and watch together. It will be a great discussion starter!

More tomorrow!

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  1. I so need this right now! Someone I cared about recently "broke up" with me and I've been struggling with shame and guilt, and what love is in a relationship. Thank you for sharing this as I'm sure others can benefit from it as well.