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Monday, April 12, 2010

Road Trip!

I am leaving wednesday with my very wonderful 24 year old son to drive across the country. Many of you that were at Artful Journey know that my husband and I are bi-coastal. We live 6 months of the year in California in Silicon Valley. The other 6 months we live on an island off the coast of Maine as far east as you can go. My son has decided he needs a new perspective and has decided to move to Maine for the time being. I have been chosen to make the journey with him. When he was growing up I was a struggling single mother so vacations and adventures did not really happen. I am happy to be making this trip with him and sharing some adventures and creating memories that we did not have the opportunity to do when he was growing up. We are going to get in the car and go, stopping when something catches our interest or we just feel the need. My husband will fly with our puppy and meet us there. The rest of my family is there so it is always wonderful to be going back to where I feel very at home. (no, I did not grow up there.)

I am hoping to post our adventures as we go depending on connections of course.

Let the adventure begin!



  1. Lindy, what a wonderful adventure. Have a marvelous time. I look forward to hearing about the trip as you can make post across the country.

  2. Oh, I love grand adventures! Maybe you weren't able to do this as a single mother, but it sounds like the timing is perfect right now, Lindy. I'm really happy for you and your son :)

    Riki Schumacher was one of the teachers in the class I took this weekned and she reminded me of your situation. She lives on the Central Coast of California 6 months a year and then on an island off Washington state the other 6 months. Lucky women you are to have your islands!!

    Safe travels, dear, and looking forward to hearing about the fabulous journey...


  3. Such fun Lindy. I'm jealous! Wish I could go to Maine. I'm loving all your creations. I left another post down below. Really lovely.